South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) Grants, Pensions, Loans, Payout Dates And Forms

SASSA GRANTS: All you need to know

SASSA is the South Africa Social Security Agency. Sassa’s role is to administer social grants to categories of people who are “vulnerable to poverty and in need of state support” in order to improve these people’s standard of living.


Social Assistance is an income transfer in the form of grants provided by the government. A social grant refers to grants paid by the South African Social Security Agency that is: disability grant; grant for older persons and war veteran’s grant; foster child grant; care dependency grant; child support grant and grant-in-aid.

If your grant is approved, you will be paid from the date on which you applied, unless you have applied for a foster child grant. Foster child grants are paid from the date of court placement.

Social grants are usually paid from the first of every month whether or not the day falls over a weekend or public holiday. SASSA will pay beneficiaries who use banks, ATM’s and merchant outlets from the 01 January despite the day falling on a public holiday.

As usual, this applies to any other public holiday falling on the first day of the month. The days are:

May 2020

Methods Of Payment (Where can I withdraw SASSA money?)

Once your grant is approved, you will be issued with a SASSA payment card. This card is used to access your grant money. If you wish to use alternative methods of payment such as
• All Banks including Postbank, or
• Institutions, you must contact your nearest SASSA office

The department is working on measures to reach people who do not have banking details

Please note that the SASSA card is the only official social grant payment card

Note: If you are unable to collect the grant yourself you may nominate a procurator to collect it on your behalf.